“In ten sessions you'll feel the difference, in twenty you'll see the difference and in thirty, you'll have a new body!”

~ Joseph Pilates

“Working in a pressurised office environment places strains on both my body and mind! Laeony uses her emotional intelligence and understanding of the body to identify what I need from one week to the next. Over a relatively short period of time her Pilates sessions have helped me to improve my posture, free up my mind and are great fun.”

Mike Pritchard

“Laeony teaches a class at our office every week which is a real treat. She makes Pilates engaging and entertaining – you don’t realise how hard you are working but you certainly see the results.”

Isabella Steele

“A few years ago I suffered a stroke and the resultant brain damage impaired my ability to fully control parts of my body. Laeony is very good at prompting me to visualize and communicate with my body. Laeony's greatest asset is that she is great fun. If the object of Pilates is to promote wellbeing then Laeony does it in spades.”

Donald Morris

“Having been a professional ballet dancer, I am constantly plagued with back problems. Practicing Pilates really helps me maintain my core strength, flexibility and ease all back problem and Laeony fills her classes with compassion, lightness and wisdom.”

Catherine Loveless
ex English National Ballet

“I feel super safe in Laeony's hands. There's something about the way she teaches that makes me calmer and happier in my body just by being in her presence.”

Noomi Melchior Natan

“Laeony is truly the best Pilates teacher I’ve ever had- she teaches seamlessly, intuitively, gently and classes are always tailored thoughtfully.”

Sarah Wells